Monday, October 11, 2010


The weekly 21-episode serial, The Wartime House in Shaughnessy Heights has been completed. Thanks for looking at my piece of creative non-fiction. Especially, thank you for the comments.

If you want to read it in sequence, here is the FIRST POST - and you can move through the weeks from that point.

The piece has had almost 2000 views during its lifetime here.

I promoted the serial exclusively through facebook, but there were a few referrals from other sources.

Most views were from Canada, followed by USA, China, Denmark, South Korea, Bulgaria, UK, Hong Kong, Russia and South Africa.

Viewing peaked in September. The episodes that got the most views were "Healing" followed by "Racism".

Again, thanks for participating in this experimental publication. Please stay to enjoy some of the short stories, poems, and slice-of-life columns that I will publish here from time to time.

Nancy-Ellen McLennan

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