Monday, May 10, 2010

21 Episodes - The List

The Wartime House in Shaughnessy Heights is a piece of creative non-fiction, a memoir from the 1960's through the eyes of a little girl living in the corner of a small neighbourhood in North End Winnipeg.

It was written in 2009 and is dotted with poetry. In total, the memoir includes twenty-one episodic chapters, that loosely trace time through the decade and into the early 1970's. These episodes will be published here, one at a time.

The first episode will be posted in May, 2010 and you will find a fresh episode every week until the end of September. Some episodes are very short. Some do not have poems. I intend to include a few photos, maps and diagrams along the way.

Please read the Preface for further background on The Wartime House in Shaughnessy Heights.

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